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Karol’s public relations work for the Great Exhibition of the North helped reach an audience of 17 million in broadcast and press coverage alone. Over 3,218 articles were published. Throw social media into the hat and over 19 million people had an opportunity to see or hear about this amazing event.

Yes, the results have finally been announced! This incredible initiative was the main reason over 1.4 million people chose to visit Newcastle Gateshead over just two months and these visits generated a massive £126 million pound economic impact into the region.

Add to this another 3.8 million visitors, mainly from within our region, and we have a record breaking city footfall of over 5.3 million! Has NewcastleGateshead ever witnessed a bigger event… I don’t think so.

And best of all, it is not just me or my team at Karol claiming this… these are the results of an enormous amount of research, using industry recognised best practice models, managed by NewcastleGateshead Initiative.

It goes without saying, verification of this nature is a luxury.

I say this because, all too often, when it comes to measurability, all the client wants is to see is an advertising equivalent value (AVE).

AVE’s are a simple measurement of what it would have cost if the client had bought the equivalent editorial space as an advert (as buying genuine editorial space is impossible) instead of securing it through the power of persuasion and a really good story.

And believe me, AVE’s can look good. In fact, they can look great! Karol turned every pound spent with us into nearly £750 worth of credible editorial space. Measured in this way, our work helped The Great Exhibition of the North secure over £26 million worth of publicity. Not bad, eh?

But, as a tool on its own, this measurement is naive. It takes no account of engagement, sentiment, brand enhancement, legacy or revenue generation and economic impact.

The Great Exhibition of the North should be applauded for undertaking a thorough, holistic and robust review. This is a piece of research that looked deeper into the impact of The Great Exhibition of the North in the context of the region and its wider audiences.

Research like this takes time, both to collate the findings and then to analyse, benchmark and check for accuracy. The findings have been well worth the wait.

Karol’s task in being appointed to handle the PR for the Great Exhibition of the North was to reach new audiences and to entice them to visit the North. We identified the stories and then tracked down the journalists we thought would be interested in covering them.

We collaborated and worked with the media to shape stories that would resonate with their audiences and we were available 24/7 to deal with their every need.

The results speak for themselves.

Our strategy was a success. We spoke to 17 million. They listened. And 5.3 million came.

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