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You might look at the equation above and think to yourself; ‘obviously no-one at Karol paid any attention during algebra at school…’

And you’d be right – but that’s not why we chose a quadratic equation as the headline for this blog post. We chose it to convey a simple message and that message is this: whether your marketing is talking to businesses or to consumers, you’re always just one human talking to another.

For years, marketers and PR firms have told people they are experts in Business to Business (B2B) or Business to Consumer (B2C) and because they have this ‘expertise’, they are best placed to sell your product or get you noticed.

And that’s it.

Or is it?

The perception has always been that there is a difference between B2B and B2C, that these are different types of consumers that surely need different kinds of marketing.

The divide between the two was a little like the Great Wall of China; it was thick, rambling, well-guarded and everyone – even those outside of marketing – could see it.

Or maybe this is just behind-the-curve thinking.

The truth is that whether you’re talking to businesses or consumers, good marketing principles are good marketing principles. Once a consumer gets behind the desk, they don’t stop being a person. B2C messages don’t stop landing when someone puts on a suit and heads to the office.

Here at Karol, we understand that people are people, whatever they’re doing. That’s why we don’t tell people we’re specialists in B2B or B2C, or that they need a business or consumer-specific campaign.

What we want to pioneer is human to human communication. We recognise that in 2018, people are reached everyday on a huge range of different platforms that have eroded the distinction between B2C and B2B messages.

On social media in particular, individuals are bombarded with constant, unceasing, unrelenting messaging. Content on social media might be seen four times by the same pair of eyes in a single day. Meanwhile your reputation can be made – or ruined – by a single viral post. In this context how can any content ever be labelled B2B or B2C?

So what do we think this means for B2C and B2B specialists?

We think that the ‘wall’ will have to fall like it’s 1989.