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Forensic PR

The other day I was asked, “What makes Karol different?”

It is such a simple question, but such a hard one to answer. “We do PR,” I replied. “And we are different because…”

And so began a long list of reasons where I attempted to explain how we work, what the benefit to our client is, our track record, our awards, our ability to put theory into practice, our staff our reputation and so on.

The problem is, to some degree or other, we were still no different to our competitors. Have a look at our website. It tells you what we do and it shows off some really great work. But, so do the websites of the competition.

The question persisted, it festered in my mind until I put the thought to my senior team. With characteristic efficiency they simply said we are ‘forensic’ in our approach to communications.

That thought led to a whole new direction in brand positioning.

We dig deep to establish the real issues that can often thwart a client’s communications objectives. It underpins our philosophy that value trumps volume.

After all, one doesn’t win awards because one does a good job. You win awards because you do something different, something special. And, to do that, you have to be forensic.

A thought piece from Stefan, MD of the forensic PR people