Home Blog Happy International Women’s Day

There’s a lot of talk today about the importance of diversity and the roles of women in the workplace. So here at Karol, we thought we’d pitch in with our five cents.

There are a lot of buzzwords flying around on social media today; words like ‘empower’, ‘celebrate’, ‘support’ and ‘beautiful’.

We are going to take a stand. We aren’t going to use those buzzwords – even if it means we don’t get as many retweets. Why, you may ask – why aren’t we celebrating IWD?

The truth is we are celebrating IWD and we’re celebrating it every day. 63% of our overall workforce is female, and two thirds of our senior management are women. We don’t use words like ‘empower’ or ‘celebrate’, because we use words like ‘hire’, and ‘invest’ instead.

Talking on twitter about empowering women is fine. Standing in front of a conference and giving a speech about increasing inclusivity is great too.

But that’s not us.

Our support for women (and men) is fairly simple. We go out and hire great talent, then we invest in them and let them do their thing.

Why do we do it? Call us mercenary but… it’s good for business. We’ve won a huge amount of awards with great female talent at the helm. We invest in our workforce because it’s amazing for our reputation. We’re proud to have some of the country’s top female PR talent, and it clearly works. They drive us forward and we drive them forward.

The campaign titled ‘This Girl Can’ therefore came as quite a surprise to us, as we never doubted they could.