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We spent the day cutting up lawn in the name of PR. Who said Public Relations wasn’t a varied job?

Definitely not us, the people who, this time last year, were hunting down midges and cutting grass into 50 squares to send to journalists.

Karol Marketing's Chrissie and Jenny compiling Vango's 50th anniversary press packs

What was the concept behind the stunt?

It was Vango’s 50th anniversary, so we wanted to create a buzz and entice journalists to attend a press day at the brand’s HQ in Scotland. The whole Karol team got involved in brainstorming and weighing up different ideas, but we finally settled on one standout concept which was sure to capture the attention and imagination of journalists. We sent out a two mysterious mailers, one containing a ketchup bottle filled with mayo and one containing a jar with an almost invisible midge in…

What reactions did you get?

It got a great reaction, people were so confused and amused by it! We didn’t put our names to it but people detected it was a Karol Marketing stunt – we received emails from journalists expressing their bafflement, Nick Harding from Camping Magazine simply said “What the heckity-heck have you just sent me?” and we also got some great responses on Twitter, our favourites being from the Mirror, Adventure Travel magazine and Country Walking…


Tweet from the Mirror about Karol Marketing's Vango ketchup mailer i-remember-the-time-blog-post-06-04-17-2-docx i-remember-the-time-blog-post-06-04-17-3-docx

What was the most difficult part?

Catching the midges! Turns out, when you actually want them, they’re difficult to find! We tried everything from leaving a bottle of sugary water among some greenery, to running around with nets!

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