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Karol is a different kind of PR and Communications company. We know that in today’s hectic world, the need for organisations and companies to speak with clarity and certainty has never been greater. To stand out from the crowd. We focus on understanding businesses, getting to know you and what makes you different – and then turning those insights into Purple Cow moments that help you stand out from your competitors.

So, when we looked to move offices 17 years ago, clearly no ordinary city block would do. Karol’s space had to be something truly unique.

That’s how we ended up at The Old Pub in Ouseburn.

Built in 1790, Ye Old Fighting Cocks, as it was then, served the thousands of sailors and traders that plied their trade on Newcastle’s quayside during its heyday. However, by the year 2000 when Stefan, our MD, drove past in his car, the pub’s best days were behind it. The building was boarded up and was advertising for a new landlord. But Stefan was captivated by the unique impact he could see the building having on staff and visitors, with its imposing presence and unsurpassed vistas across the Tyne.

He saw later that a new landlord had come along to run the pub and believed his opportunity had gone. But, as luck would have it, the next time he passed there was a sign outside again. He knew he couldn’t miss this chance – so he rang the pub’s owner and put a bid in.

Since then, Stefan and the Karol Marketing team has transformed the pub into trendy creative offices in the Ouseburn, the beating heart of Newcastle’s creative district. We’ve given life to this building in the same way we give life client campaigns.

But although the transformation of The Old Pub is a great story – and there are many pieces of memorabilia still on display in our offices – we wanted to do more to celebrate the transformation of our building and what it says about us.

So, we started from the beginning, visiting the Tyne and Wear Archives to see the original plans of our building and learn of its colourful past. And then we had an idea.

To celebrate our heritage and to show our building’s journey from housing beer drinkers to forensic thinkers, how about brewing up something special? That’s when the idea for our very own ‘Geordie Inspiration’ beer was born.

By partnering with our friends at Brinkburn Brewery, any visitors to our offices will be given a trio of locally brewed bottled beers, including our specially crafted ale ‘Geordie Inspiration’ to take home and enjoy. If you look closely, too, you’ll see that both box and beer carry our story – and that of The Old Pub’s.

This isn’t some marketing gimmick or promotional giveaway. We want to celebrate the history of our offices and the story of our work with every guest we have coming in, whether you are a journalist, supplier or a client – we’ve even given them to interviewees!

Just like us, our ‘Geordie Inspiration’ beer has an aroma of success and is refreshingly complex. But at its heart lies a simple premise – to leave everyone with a memorable taste.

A thought piece from the forensic PR people – Karol