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An Open Book Approach to PR

Collaboration.  It’s the new buzz word.

But, have you heard of ‘open book collaboration?’  Probably not.

The reason is simple: most communications agencies need to collaborate.  Marketing communications has become too complex for any individual organisation to do the lot.  And, for those that do, naturally they will sell you what they have, not necessarily what you need.

So, we head off to find experts who can support us in our efforts to offer clients a truly holistic, full service offering.  The trouble is, we want to remain in power.  We don’t want to give away the names of the good and great hidden in our little black books.  Knowledge is power.  Or is it?

This is the way I grew Karol Marketing, from one man working out of his bedroom at home to a company with twenty plus staff operating from our own 6,000 square foot offices on Newcastle’s Quayside.  Along the way we collected more industry awards than any other PR agency in the North of England and we achieved great success.

But, I think it’s time for a change.  I want to create a new way of working, an industry step change – I’ve called it ‘open book collaboration’ – to give us a point of difference.

We’re confident about our areas of expertise and we’re always open about when and how we will work with partners. Whether that’s videographers, illustrators, SEO specialists… you get the idea.

Yes, its early days, but we have tried it out with several clients so far to universal acclaim.  We have found that clients love meeting and working with the organ grinders rather than being confined to dealing with slick account manages in closed board rooms.

What does this mean for our business?  Well, I believe it has shattered our glass ceiling.  With over twenty five years of learning who is and who is working with, the best in the business, it gives us competitive advantage.  Our teams can now be as large and as diverse as client needs dictate.

And, if a client want to remove us from the equation and work direct with any or our partners they can.  But because we believe we continually offer value, we can’t imagine why a client would want to do that!

A thought piece from Stefan, MD of Karol – the forensic PR people