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So, if you’re anything like us you probably can’t get through the day without looking at social media, right?

Whether it’s looking at a friend’s holiday snaps or following a brand you love, we’re a nation of social media users. In fact, over 38 million people in the UK actively use social media.

Whilst there has been a much publicised decline in Twitter usage, we don’t think we should rule out this old favourite just yet. With around 6,000 tweets posted per second and 69% of people admitting that Twitter  has led them to purchase from a small to medium business at least once or more*, the social media channel continues to prove an invaluable marketing tool.

But for many businesses, knowing where to start when it comes to building their presence on Twitter, or even just tweeting their first Tweet can still be a daunting task.

So, what are the basics of using Twitter for business?

1. Listen – Twitter is a valuable tool to help you understand your customer base. Search for relevant keywords to identify conversations that are taking place. If you can add value, join in.

2. Follow – Seek out well-known figures in your sector. Watching what they post can help you to think of ideas and by sharing similar content you can engage with them.

3. Analyse your competitors – Watch what works and what doesn’t. As long as you’re clear on what differentiates you from your competitors this can be a great way to pick up ideas.

4. Be relevant – Posting useful and interesting content will attract followers. Before posting, ask yourself why your followers will be interested and if it will capture people’s attention.

5. Use links – Tweets containing links get more retweets than those that don’t. Simple.

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*Twitter + Research Now “Customer Insights Study”, 2016