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2016 was the year of Donald Trump’s election, Brexit and the Rio Olympics but what was the topic that really took the internet by storm? According to Google’s stats, it was Pokémon Go, the gaming app that came top of their rising trends for the year, both globally and in the UK.

The free, location-based augmented reality game was developed by Niantic for iOS and Android, and reportedly cost over $1 million to create. Playing it involves hunting down virtual Pokémon characters, which are located around the globe, with the user’s end goal being to ‘catch ‘em all’ (as the TV programme’s catchphrase would state). United States user Nick Johnson reportedly did in fact ‘catch ’em all’ in August after travelling across three continents to do so.

Considering the game was released halfway through the year in July (and to mixed reviews), its success took some by surprise. It soon became a global phenomenon with celebrities including Joe Jonas, John Mayer and Chloe Moretz Tweeting and Instagramming about it.


chloe-moretz john-mayer

It became so popular, in fact, that seeing groups of strangers crowding around in the street, staring at a virtual Pokémon via their phone screens became the norm…


And here at Karol Marketing HQ, in the Old Pub, we even had our very own Drowzee:

Pokemon Go Drowzee Karol Marketing office

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