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Karol MD Stefan speaking at Scaleup Summit


In today’s fast-paced world of instant communications it’s all too easy to lose sight of how valuable face-to-face contact is when it comes to business.

With events moving ever faster, it can often feel too busy for face-to-face meetings – and with social media, video conferencing and email, the temptation to just fire off a message or hide behind an email can be too great.

But we believe taking the time to talk to people in person remains the most effective form of communication for businesses.

At the recent ‘Advancing the North East’ event organised by PNE Group, one of the event speakers Jacqui Miller-Charlton MBE, Entrepreneur and Ambassador for Brand Britain commented that there is no substitute for networking and meeting people face-to-face.

Why is this the case?

Yes, emails, tweets, WhatsApp messages – they all have their place and they all allow us to communicate more quickly and frequently than ever before, which is great. But as with any good PR campaign, effective business communications should utilise a package of different communications tools and a significant one of these should be face-to-face communication.

That’s because there is no substitute for talking to a person direct, for making small talk or exploring that great business idea in person. It provides you with a real-life platform to engage and connect. Helps to build and nurture stronger and more meaningful long-term relationships.

Stepping outside your comfort zone and making the effort to meet someone also builds an element of trust and helps to avoid misunderstandings.

Not every meeting needs to be two or three hours long, it can be as simple as going for a coffee or popping into the pub for a pint.

Talk about anything, talk about everything, expect the unexpected. These informal discussions often lead where you don’t expect and add more colour to something than you would ever get from an email or a phone call.

Our advice….?

Take the time to go to that extra exhibition, meet up for a coffee or add a networking event into your diary. Use these opportunities to showcase your personality and share and learn from everyone around you.

Earlier this month, after spending just one day at the North East Expo, Karol Marketing netted three new business opportunities, rekindled old relationships and had numerous catch ups and conversations with existing customers. What was really enjoyable was that truly organic conversations resulted with opportunities for both parties that neither could have predicted.

Don’t spend your week feeling trapped behind your computer screen or social media , instead, get out, create conversations and start networking!

A thought piece from Karol – the forensic PR people.