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Volume vs Value

How often have you heard someone say, “We just need results… just keep getting us more coverage!”

I’m not sure if it is something spawned by an increasing need to justify how budgets are spent, a lack of understanding about how customers make purchasing decisions, or a sense of needing to constantly deliver more, more, more! But an obsession with measuring the volume of coverage holds significant dangers.

Who wants a huge pile of press clippings at the expense of key messages? No thank you! Publicity for publicity’s sake is pure ego and has no real value. So why are you paying for it?

When it comes to coverage, and Public Relations more generally, there is a critical difference between volume and value.

Yes, taken at face value, volume provides reassurance and can often remove the need to argue where those pennies are being spent. But no matter how much coverage is achieved – coverage in the wrong title, that is being read by the wrong audience or that lacks a clear call to action, will deliver little value for your brand.

If your agency can’t tell you the value of a publication or the audience demographics a campaign will reach, if they can’t explain your key messages in a way that has relevance to your target audience then, I would suggest, more needs to be done to recognise the ‘value over volume’ proposition.

A thought piece from Stefan, MD at Karol Marketing – the forensic PR people