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It’s a sunny day in June; outside chickens are pecking at seeds in the garden; a kitchen table is scattered with tennis balls, furry dice, beer bottles, several shirts, brochures, and a smartphone. There’s a notebook with scribbles of thoughts saying ‘bounce back’ and ‘be the tip on everyone’s tongue’…

This is creativity at work.

When you think about creativity in your communications, what comes to mind? Is it Don Draper-esque adverts? Is it KFC’s social media campaign? Or, could it just be the simplicity of an email that gets to the point? Or, is it just plain boring?

Regardless of the business you’re in, communications creativity is vital for these main reasons:

It keeps things fresh

a fresh approach can turn the heads of both new and existing audiences including journalists, stakeholders, customers, and suppliers.

It fuels and creates a perception of innovation

forward thinking in this current climate is increasingly needed for a business to not only survive but to flourish.

It keeps minds open

a team open to new thoughts and ideas are more productive than a team set in old and outdated ways.

It engages your audience

a well targeted, designed and implemented creative idea will make an impact. It will engage your audience.

It shows resilience

today, as we go through a global pandemic, many businesses are looking at new ways of working, and creativity in your messages, will reinforce the idea that you are innovative in the way you do things too.But we are creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to think creatively when you’ve done something the same way for so long. Especially when you’re being forced to change due to circumstances beyond your control.


So, read on for a few tips to get those creative juices flowing.




Stay relevant

Don’t be creative for creativity’s sake. Sending a pack of hula hoops to someone with the line “we’ll jump through hoops for you” isn’t relevant in most cases. Anyone can think of fun ideas, but the trick is to know whether the message will appeal to your audience and whether it will achieve what you want it to.

Creativity can come from all corners of a business

Let everyone get involved in the creative process – the best idea may come from the CEO, or better still, the receptionist; it is important to not discount anyone’s ideas based on their standing in the company.

No idea is a bad idea

When it comes to encouraging creativity in a business, people need to feel confident to share their ideas no matter how whacky or irrelevant they may seem. If you or other members of a team talk ideas down, then forthcoming ideas will wither on the vine and, in time, no one will offer any ideas. It’s always good to encourage everyone to speak up, to share their ideas, and celebrate every idea that is presented.

Go big or go small

Many people say, ‘think big first’, and this may work for some, but even a tiny spark of a thought can ignite a fire of creativity. For example, a team member may show you a nice email that they’ve received, or suggest the company starts doing something it has never done before, then others may add to that idea and suddenly a brilliant idea is coming to fruition.

Sometimes thinking big is the easiest way to start – try to give yourself a limitless budget, ignore practicality for the moment and indulge in the, what if!  Once you have your big idea, you can then refine things to make it both practical, on message and relevant.  But remember, if you apply too much common sense, play it too safe, you will kill what made the idea so exciting in the first place.

Change scenery

Sometimes not being in the place you are most of your days helps with a fresh approach. Many companies have away days to help them get thinking of new ideas.  Some just go outside. It’s been proven that nature fuels creativity through helping to improve attention spans, improve brain function, and help with mental wellbeing.

So, a change of scene for anyone will get people out of regular habits and help them see things with a fresh eye.

Talk to an expert

And, if you’re inspired by something you’ve seen but you’re not sure how it could be applied to your business, try talking to someone. Taking a step back and having an objective approach can help any idea become a reality – running a risk assessment, knowing the audience, and anticipating reactions can mean that a broad creative concept can be wisely and cleverly applied.

Communications experts in our team at Karol know how to help businesses of all shapes, sizes and industries get creative. From mailing out smashed glass together with an ingenious plastic bottle lock-picking kit for a locksmiths’ event, to creating a “James Pond” character with seven bullet shells for an underwater carp fishing camera,  our experts in communication draw from years of ‘left field’ experience  and can apply it to any business in order to make your organisation really stand out, to an impact and turn heads.


And we’re no exception; in some cases, we even apply a little of that creative thinking to our own communications, even if it means drinking a pint of our own brew – Geordie Inspiration.   Why not try some for yourself?




If you’d like to get creative. Talk to Stefan or any of the team at Karol.  We are certain you’ll have a lot of fun and you may well achieve something amazing!