Nimra, who joined the team in January, shares her thoughts on her first few months working in Karol.

From previous work experience and internships, I learned many things, but I think the biggest thing I came to value is how a job makes you feel. You want a job that fuels your passions, has a supportive environment, and aligns with your values. These are some of the biggest priorities I set whilst job hunting. Although you only truly know these things when you are part of the company, it is what I had hoped for, and is what I found at Karol Marketing.

Starting a new job, especially your first, is equally exciting and daunting, as you meet new faces and slowly try to navigate through a new position and the responsibilities that come with it. I’m experiencing this all during a time when working from home and virtual meetings are the new norm, but meeting people through a screen was made easier with a warm welcome from the Karol team.

The people you work with is such an important part of shaping your experience in virtually any job. Over the past few months, I’ve seamlessly become part of the close-knit team at Karol and naturally integrated into the overall dynamic. I once read on Twitter that starting a new job feels like becoming a new character on the tenth season of a TV show, as you try to find your place in the established storyline. That’s one worry I had before starting, about how I would fit into the team and what value I would bring. However, something I’ve noticed is that, at Karol, everyone’s strengths and achievements are appreciated and highlighted – they see the value and importance of every person and their role in driving the overall organisation forward. And without even realising, with the support and kindness of the team, I’m beginning to see my place in the Karol story.

Being part of a diverse agency like Karol means that there’s always a wide range of exciting work, and in my role, I get the opportunity to work across a variety of different clients and tasks each day. One of the things I particularly like about working at Karol is that, as well as being interesting and creative, the work is meaningful and collaborative. The team at Karol take pride in taking time to understand each client, to create outcomes that are thoughtful and impactful.

In the short time that I’ve been at Karol, I’ve learnt so much, not just about the ins-and-outs of PR and developing skills related to the industry, but about each client – their mission, values, objectives – and admire the great work they all do. Although challenging, I’ve been trying to absorb as much as possible and become familiar with all that goes on. With each day there comes a new, interesting discovery – and I’ve learnt that working in PR isn’t just about being skilled in that industry but understanding the many different aspects of the organisations we work with, so we can clearly and effectively communicate on behalf of our clients. I’m looking forward to delving deeper and excited about all that’s to come in this role at Karol.