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Karol Marketing led the new product launch for FishSpy – an underwater camera for carp fishing. The primary objectives were to raise consumer awareness through the press and to position the product as market-leading with the potential to revolutionise the sport of fishing. The campaign included:

  • A teaser press pack with a humorous ‘James Pond’ theme to tie in with the release of the latest Bond film (Spectre)
  • Product seeding for national fishing and tech media
  • A wider media sell in ahead of Christmas
  • Mentions from high profile journalists on Twitter including BBC’s Rory Cellan-Jones and the Guardian’s Samuel Gibb and Alex Hern, achieving a total reach of over 294,121
  • A press day with the Mirror online
  • A reach of 5.4 million across print, online and broadcast
  • A mention on Anna Flack’s ‘Flack on Friday’ PR Week column
  • An increase in sales for the client. For the Christmas 2015 period, sales were 20% higher than predicted
  • A gold CIPR PRide award win

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