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Learning Labs, an Assistive Technologies learning solution, appointed Karol to find a creative way of engaging stakeholders.

The challenge was to get assessors, lecturers and teachers to engage with and understand the needs of students that have learning difficulties.

Following workshops with Learning Labs to understand their target audience, Karol proposed direct mailers that illustrated how people learn in different ways, through watching and listening, reading and hearing, or doing and experiencing.

Karol created and produced five direct mail concepts, featuring a range of optical illusions and mind challenging games. These explained that no matter what type of learner you are, Learning Labs can offer support. These included ‘Eye Test’ – a message of jumbled up numbers and letters of varying complexity, ‘Get Your Head Around This’ – a triangular puzzle, and ‘What’s Your Flavour’ – unusual flavours of jelly beans.

This collaborative and innovative campaign was well-received and succeeded in raising awareness of Learning Labs’ services within the education and training sector, and led to increased enquiries for its Assistive Technologies learning solutions.

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