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Karol Marketing carried out a comprehensive creative campaign to launch new portable charger, the Crankmonkey. The campaign involved:

  • Capturing the attention of technology journalists with themed press packs inspired by the decadent 1980’s Martini Rosso advert “anytime, anyplace, anywhere” (the tie in with the Martini advert played on the concept that with this charger, users can power up their gadgets every time, every place and everywhere without having to rely on electricity)
  • Inspiring journalists using creative copy focusing on the potential for future headlines and a play on words built around providing #InfinitePower Everytime, Everyplace, Everywhere
  • A new strapline for Powertraveller – ‘Your lifeline to infinite power’ – they took the strapline from our campaign and used it across their global sales and marketing campaigns
  • A reach of over 1.5 million within the first four days of launching
  • Over 21 national and international publications featuring the story online, in print and on social media, to a combined audience of 2 million

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