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Utilising Vango’s 50th anniversary, Karol Marketing carried out a creative campaign and arranged a media event in Loch Lomond to generate maximum publicity and promote Vango’s heritage and commitment to innovation in camping. This included:

  • Sending out creative invitations containing several idioms that suggested camping had moved on technologically and our invitation was the journalist’s chance to see what was new in camping for 2017
  • Following up the initial invitation with an air filled jar containing a midge and a cryptic note. The note implied that the midge and air were the two essential ingredients required to erect a tent in record time and stated that if the journalist wished to learn more about the latest in air technology, and what this cryptic note was all about, they could find out at Vango’s press event
  • A dedicated review by Forbes that named Vango as the leading brand in camping technology
  • A 6 minute radio interview with BBC Radio Scotland that reached 291,000 listeners
  • A dedicated interview in Camping & Caravanning Club with the founder of Vango, which is read by 243,260 people
  • A DPS on the corporate profile of Vango in The Scotsman, which has a readership of 38,493
  • Secured an exclusive 7 page DPS in Trek & Mountain on the history of Vango 25,000
  • Over 16 million opportunities to see and hear about the anniversary (8 Million online, 3 Million in print and 5 Million broadcast)


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